When to say ‘No’

University. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Sounds like responsibility that comes with a large work load. It isn’t. University is not always scary, it’s not always hectic. It can be fun, rewarding, exciting. It can offer new experiences. But when do we say enough is enough?

I’m a training teacher.  My course offers me new opportunities through allowing me to participate in different training courses, different work experiences and different workshops. Standing out through participating in these extra activities is important, but when do I get to say no?

I’m not just a training teacher; I’m a friend, I’m a family member, I’m a colleague and I’m a volunteer.  Making sure I have time for myself is important because I would not be any of these people if I did not have time out.

I need a day in bed watching Netflix with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. I need an afternoon where I do not need to write an assignment. I also need a week away from retail and a week where I do not have to volunteer. It is not because I  ‘can’t be bothered’, it is because everything can get too much if you try to do too much.

It is absolutely OK to say NO. Don’t take on an extra shift at work because you have been asked. Don’t do an extra workshop if you have a big enough work load. Don’t volunteer everyday of the week because you think you should. Take a break and enjoy that break.

We can’t work 7 days a week without time off. Lecturers, employers, family/friends, they will understand because we are all in the same boat.

Look after your own wellbeing and university will be something fun to look back on, not something your glad is over.