Truly experiencing the trip of a lifetime

I cannot believe I am writing this second blog knowing I fly home in under 7 weeks! It’s crazy to think I have already been here in the US for 10 weeks. I have to say, the American food has definitely won me over – it’s amazing!


Well, since the main reason I’m here is to study, I should probably let you all know how that is going? I’m really enjoying the classes and I’m learning a lot about how to become a successful teacher. I am passing all my tests and assignments with A grades which is so exciting! America has fulfilled my expectations in relation to the study side!

The layout of the classes reminds me of those American movies where you sit at a desk and the desk lifts up. My teacher’s are AWESOME – they take every opportunity to ask how I pronounce a certain word, or what ‘us Brits’ would use instead. It’s funny to say the least!

I’ve had a few instances where I’ve felt extremely home sick and really missed home. Of course there will always be some downfalls, but I know I am extremely blessed with this opportunity.



I’ve done a lot of travelling to different States while I’ve been here. Myself and a friend took a random trip to Philadelphia and took many opportunities to capture photos of the area and of ourselves… Haha (As seen in the pictures).


We also went to NEW YORK CITY for a night… yes, you heard that correctly… NEW YORK CITY!! We were actually only there for 6 hours as it was a last minute decision, but I don’t regret it at all. Although, I left the driving to my friend and that was crazy. I could never live in New York for that reason. We got to experience SO many things that weekend and my first trip to New York was AMAZING!


Times Square, Manhattan.



Brooklyn Bridge

Then Spring Break began… I guess we didn’t live the typical ‘Sorority parties and beach’ kind of Spring Break everyone imagines.

We went to Canada…


Even though the weather was freezing, we visited Niagara Falls (Seriously, it takes your breath away).


And we made the most of paying a ridiculously priced meal to have the best views of the Falls!


We also went to Toronto for three days. In the midst of the trip, we took a ferry across to a little island and the views were incredible…


After Spring Break, reality hit that this final part of the semester was crucial. I needed to get my head down and get my work done.

However, we haven’t stopped ourselves from having fun. I’ve made some great friends out here and we definitely have taken advantage of the cute snow pictures!



Over the next few weeks, I have more trips planned to see friends in Ohio and an international trip to Washington DC. I can’t wait!

Anyway… Until next time… SEE YAH!

Lauren x