How to Get into the Christmas Spirit at University

The festive period is my absolute favourite time of year. Pretty lights, great food, upbeat songs – I love it all! But I’m well aware the build-up to Christmas can be difficult. When you’re in new surroundings, without your loved ones and usual traditions. Celebrating Christmas on campus with your friends is a great way to make the most of the season, but how can you start feeling festive? Here are a few of my favourite ways to get into the Christmas spirit at university.

Cook a roast with housemates and friends

This can be super fun and is not overly pricey. It’s even better if you all go shopping together to choose what lovely food and drink you want for your meal, get some crackers to pull – with hilariously bad jokes and paper hats, of course – and split the cost between you!

The whole process of buying, preparing and cooking the ingredients for the meal is a fun one. Just make sure you put someone capable in charge of those roast potatoes; you want them nice and crispy! And just think how impressed your family will be when you tell them you cooked a full Christmas dinner!


We all know the hardships of a student budget. I’m not expecting you to find the most extravagant looking tree on Pinterest and try to recreate it, but there are plenty of ways to make your house or flat feel festive!

If you have a tree then try some cheap stores like Poundland or Wilko for inexpensive decorations and lights. My advice is to stick with a fake tree – it saves the need to buy a new one every year and you can buy them fairly cheaply. Failing that, take the DIY approach and make paper chains and other homemade crafts to get all your housemates working together and getting creative!

Watch a concert or pantomime

Every year Loco Show Co. (the musical theatre society at the university) puts on their Christmas pantomime; written, directed and performed by students.

It is always a good show and is fabulous for all the family, with students getting cheaper tickets at concession prices! There is also traditionally a Sunday evening performance with extra surprises – so be sure to check out their productions!

As well as this, the University works closely with Worcester Cathedral to put on a carol concert, with help from a few students and societies. It’s free to attend and a great opportunity to support your fellow staff and students. My best advice is to see as much as you can; you can guarantee plenty of entertainment at this time of year.

Play in the snow

We all like to be big kids sometimes, don’t we? It’s not often that we see a White Christmas here in the UK, but if you are fortunate enough to get a thick layer of snowy goodness, then make the most of it!

Whether that’s through a snowman building competition, snowball fights in the garden or just taking Instagram worthy photos of yourself surrounded by snowflakes!

If all else fails and the snow doesn’t come through, then still wrap up in your nicest scarf and hat combo and head out for a winter walk!

Whether you have a few days or a few weeks off at Christmas, make time to spend with family and friends. With the help of my tips and tricks, you might just have a magical time!

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