Holiday Top Tips

Emma Gregory keeps us up to date with some student tips on finding cheap travel:

Cheap Student City Breaks holidays – Top Tips


This can be the most expensive part of your quick getaway! If you’re looking to fly over the weekend then these are going to be the more expensive flights so if you have some time off Uni, like a reading week, then try flying mid-week as it will be less popular and therefore, cheaper. If you have a destination in mind, then head to Skyscanner and you can search for the cheapest month to travel. If you don’t have a destination in mind but you are set on the dates, then you can also search for the cheapest destination at that time.

Finally, as you’re only going for a few days, fly hand luggage only. Not only will you skip waiting in long queues at the airport, but you will also be saving yourself money as most budget airlines charge to check a bag. When you are looking for flights make sure you turn your browser to incognito mode as, if you don’t, your cookies will be saved and, if you are constantly looking at one destination or dates, then prices will increase! Sneaky I know.

Try not to take too much luggage!


Hotels are not always the cheapest option, especially for a quick getaway. Explore your options, look at places like Airbnb if you’re going with friends to get your own apartment rather than just a room and divide the cost or even a hostel if you’re looking to really keep the cost down!

Eating out in restaurants can also become pricey really quick so make sure you see if there is a supermarket nearby such as an Aldi so you can top up on snacks and meals for the week at a fraction of the price.

Finally, look at where your accommodation is based and how easy it is to get around from there. Sometimes staying right in the centre is not the cheapest option but staying just a little outside and having a 20minute walk into the centre saves a lot of money. If you do want to explore more around the area, then look at public transport such as buses. If you’re planning on making multiple journeys, then look at travel cards to get value for money.


When choosing a destination choose somewhere that is cheap when you get there. A simple google search will tell you this! Also, while you’re on holiday find free things to do while you’re there such as exploring the city by foot, visiting some museums and maybe some hiking if you’re feeling energetic.

Keep your eye out for free museums and galleries

Insiders Top Tips:

  • Avoid school holidays & be flexible with dates
  • Use comparison sites
  • Fly budget – Ryanair have flights for as cheap as £4.99 at the minute!
  • Avoid restaurants and fend for yourself
  • Always use Incognito browser

Good luck and happy travels!