Register to Vote – Your vote = your voice.

Blogger – Amber Pettit – talks you through registering to vote and how you can decide which party is right for you.

So, with a snap general election coming up on the 12th of December it is more important than ever to register to vote. This may be your first time voting or the first time you have voted in your university constituency rather than your hometown. For this upcoming election the deadline to register to vote is the 26th November in order to be able to vote on the 12th December. So, here is my step by step guide on how get on the electoral role:

If you are a Worcester student you can access the register to vote through your My Days page by selecting the register to vote icon. Alternately, you can go straight to the Direct Gov website. You are eligible to register to vote at 16, however you can only vote when you reach 18, (which in my opinion is completely illogical) and you need to be a UK citizen. If you match all these criteria, which I’m sure most of you will, select ‘start now’ on the website and begin the registration process.

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You can register to vote here on your My Days page

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So, now you have registered to vote! Congratulations! What shall I do next you might ask?

Fear not for I am here to offer some advice. First on your to-do list should be to conduct some research into all of the available political parties. There are many different parties to consider, not just the main two.

Now you can take your time and have a good look at party manifestos and see if there are any key areas that you find politically and socially engaging. It can be anything from climate change to the NHS or funding for higher education. Over the past couple of months the university has been running events such as “Democracy Day” in order to politically engage students. The Student Union will also be running a campaign to get students to register to vote – so look out for that.

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It seems more important than ever to get registered to vote as the upcoming election will hold significant bearing on how Brexit is handled (sorry I know the dreaded B word!). Once you have registered to vote by the deadline – you will also be eligible to vote in any future referendums (if we get another one). Many of you were too young and would not have had the opportunity to vote in the previous referendum. So, it is especially important to do your research and have your voice heard on how you would like to see Brexit handled (Sorry I know the dreaded B word again!)

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Remember, most importantly this your vote and no one else’s – you don’t have to vote the same way as your family or friends. So, please don’t let anyone try and overpower you with their opinions and blur your own views. Your vote, your choice.


Amber xx