University Mental Heath Day 17th March 2020

Lots of attention has been brought to the topic of mental health during 2020 – you may have already seen the “it’s okay to not be okay” tweets or maybe even shared them yourself. As a student, being aware of your mental state is incredibly important. University is stressful, what with deadlines, money, research and living alone all adding to your sense of worry. In 2018, 42.8% of students reported that they were often or always worried – you are not alone. My mum always says “a problem shared is a problem halved” – if you’re experiencing difficulties share the load with a family member or a friend or visit “Fancy a Cuppa?” for a chat on Campus.

Fancy a Cuppa is hosted by Student Wellbeing Champions and Student Services staff and offers an opportunity for students to make contact with support staff and come together with other students in an informal, casual setting.

Firstpoint is the perfect place for “Fancy a Cuppa?”

Sharing the problem isn’t the only way to deal with worry and help improve your happiness – this Mental Health Awareness Day, take a moment to yourself and reflect on your mental health and the steps you can take to benefit yourself – here’s a few suggestions:

  • Catch up with a friend
  • Take some time to read a book or watch a favourite movie
  • Do some exercise
  • Take note of one thing you’re grateful for each day
  • Eat well
  • Give social media a rest for a short time
  • Get more sleep

University Mental Health Awareness Day this year officially falls on the 5th March, but, the University of Worcester is marking the event across the campuses throughout the week beginning the 16th March. As the theme for this year’s Mental Health awareness week, we have chosen ‘Happy Moments.’ Being ‘happy’ can seem like an elusive unicorn – everyone talks about it, but no one ever really seems to see it. Instead of focusing on being ‘happy’ and comparing your happiness to other people’s through social media, take a moment to focus on the smaller things that bring you happiness – it might be making a friend smile, laughing at your favourite comedy or stroking your pet.

We love the “Off the Scale” vintage clothing bus which comes to campus on our Mental Health Awareness Days.

Join in with our mental health campaign by posting on social media on Tuesday 17th March at 12pm and telling us something that makes you happy, or something you’re grateful for with the hashtag #UWhappymoment.

Come along and join us for “Fancy a Cuppa?” on Tuesday 17th March from 11am to 3pm in the SU Hangar and in the Charles Hastings Building and City Campus. Also, look out for our ‘pay it forwards’ messages being handed out around campus, as well as our ‘UoW Rocks’ painted rocks lying around.

UoW Rocks!

We look forward to seeing you at our Mental Health Awareness Day!