10 Unexpected Things To Expect At Law School

What’s Law School like? Well Law LLB (Hons) student, Olivia, can tell you what to expect:

Hello! Olivia here, a second year Law LLB student, and I’m going to share 10 things that I have experienced in law school that completely shattered my expectations- in a good way.

**A student’s expectations before starting law school**  

  • Scary
  • Intense
  • Every other law student is your competition (they will steal your dreams of having your day in a court).
  • 24-hour work days
  • Lecturers who recite Supreme Court judgements to show you how you missed the point of Donoghue v Stevenson (okay this last one is not far from the truth).

Without further ado, let’s see the reality…

1. You do not compete with your peers 24/7

I’d be lying if I said law school is not at all competitive (it comes with the territory), but this isn’t generally the concern of first years who 1) know no one and 2) are more focused on making friends, than competing with those same individuals. Worcester’s Welcome Week offers so many opportunities to take those first steps and get to know your cohort, which really makes your initial experience a lot less daunting!

2. Hold off on the ‘power suit’

Next up is the wardrobe situation. You should save your suits, ties and blouses for networking events and evening dos-there is no expectation to ‘dress to impress’ for everyday lectures and seminars. In fact, by semester two of year one you’ll realise that a hoodie and joggers will do just fine.

3. It’s not as intense as the YouTubers say

It can be difficult; this is the inherent nature of the degree. But fortunately, at Worcester, the structure of the course ensures that you’re not working at a top intensity all year round. Studying four modules a year, you’ll find that the workload is manageable when you find your rhythm of working. There is an increase when working towards assignment deadlines and exam season, but that’s it!

4. Your social life CAN thrive

Please complement your studies with a social life. This doesn’t have to include endless nights out if that’s not your vibe, but schedule into your week some time to chill with other humans! With good time management, you’ll find several opportunities in your week for a work-life balance and this is super important for maintaining good mental health- especially after the year we have had.

5. All-nighters DO NOT need to exist

See point four.

Time management is key. I rest my case.

6. Peers = biggest cheerleaders

Your law school experience wouldn’t be the same without the people you go through it with. My law friends have been so supportive and we really laugh, cry and slay in this course, together.

7. Employers are enablers

We are encouraged to connect with local employers at events from day dot. They care about our development, as we’re the future of their profession. Do not shy away from engaging in conversations or signing up to the mentoring scheme. Make the most out of the opportunities on offer.

8. Daily court

*USP alert* Uni of Worcester has a purpose-built court room that we use frequently for daily teaching and moot presentations. It’s refreshing to learn outside of the standard classroom.

9. Knowing your lecturers

Worcester’s smaller cohort equals a smaller number of lecturers to match. Every lecturer will teach you over the course of your degree, including seminar sessions where there are often under 10 students to one lecturer. Everyone is also assigned a PAT whom you meet with several times annually to track your progress and provide academic support through your degree!

10. This is a marathon not a sprint

Finally- you will ace your degree, if you put the hard work in. You will experience times when academic expectations aren’t met and it WILL sometimes feel as if you don’t have a clue. Trust me, the law will do this to you. The good news is that there is a finish line and you will hurdle straight across it if you remain resilient and ask for help when you need it.

That’s all folks!

I hope that your expectations will no longer resemble a nightmare, but instead empower you to step into law school with confidence 🙂

Olivia xx