Your First Year

Hey everyone! I’m Issy, a Masters Touring Theatre student entering my second year.

If you’re just starting your degree, I know how you feel, there’s a lot to unravel in your first year, from meeting new classmates and adapting to study to living in a new environment. With this in mind, I’m here to guide you into some top tips for entering university as a first-year student.

Your First Lecture

The first lecture is understandably scary for some people so It’s always good to try to meet a few people studying the same subject as you during Welcome Week. This might be a big task for some people, but I promise that making an effort if you can makes all the difference.

If you’ve got questions about the classes, our current students are on hand to talk to on our website using Unibuddy. This is easy to access and you can get answer to any questions you might have about starting your course or any questions you might have about lectures.

Chat to our Current Students

Joining a Society

I know some of you might be hesitant to go out of your comfort zone, however, I do recommend joining a society. Having interests outside of your course by finding new hobbies, or keeping up with old ones, is a great way to make new connections and enjoy extra-curricular activities as a student! From Societies like Marvel and DC and the Uni Boob Team to our Sports Clubs like Equestrian and American Football, there’s so much on offer.

It’s not just about making friend connections, you can also join a society committee and learn skills that can go on your CV and boost your employability. Alongside this, the Worcester Students’ Union is a favourite place of mine. It’s a great place to hang out and attend events. For more information about their societies you can visit their website or look at their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Keep an eye out also for special events during Welcome Week such as the Society and Sports Club Fair!

Using the Library

Have you ever heard of The Hive? It’s the number one place to get all your books and quietly study. Located next to the City Campus, The Hive is much more than a library! It has many services to help you find books online and help you academically with your essays or coursework! Alongside this, there are private quiet study areas with computers so you can feel focused, especially if your housemates are being a bit loud. Personally, without The Hive, I think a lot of students would be lost. After getting some work done you can relax at the café, which might be your favourite part of the day.

You can look at The Hive’s Website here!

I hope I’ve helped you. Advice from myself is to enjoy university life as much as you can, I definitely am. Check out our other student blogs that speak about accommodation and the city of Worcester itself for more information.

We hope to see you in September!

Issy xx