5 Top Tips for exam week revision

Hi guys! Exam week is just around the corner and some of you may have already started your revision. It’s fine if you haven’t, I’m here to give few tips on how to manage your workload! Even though some of these tips might be familiar to you, it is important to timetable in both revision and rest!

1. Create a timetable

There’s a reason why our tutors encourage us to create timetables! It keeps you posted, gives you the motivation to revise, and to create a daily action plan. Try to arrange an efficient slot from the day, which can be from the morning to the afternoon where you revise to your exams. If you have more than 2 exams, for example 3 like I do, try not to revise for all 3 of them during the same day. You can revise 2 subjects on one day and the third subject on the other and rotate, for example two of the ‘easier’ subjects are revised on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the more demanding subject is revised on Tuesday and Thursday. This allows you to have a whole day to process the harder stuff and gives your brain a little rest!

Also, remember to check your exam timetable on Sole!

2. make sure you take time out to rest!

Our brain effectively processes the information we take in during rest, especially during sleep. Taking breaks can help you perform better, improve your mood, and increase your ability to concentrate. Make sure to include rest days to your timetable!

Take at least 1-2 whole day of rest per week and for example evenings off every day. If you work better in the evenings, make sure you have your mornings off!

3. eat well

You and your brain need energy to function, and no one can concentrate with a hungry stomach, am I right? Eat your favourite foods and keep up with a regular eating pattern, it prevents your blood sugar from dropping too low and nourishes your brain.

Fun fact, even though our brain is only 2% of our body weight it still uses 20% of our daily energy! If you burn 2000kcl a day, it means your brain burns 400kcl, crazy right!

4. Meet up with friends and family

It’s nice (as well as important) to take your mind off the revision. Meeting up with family and friends not only helps you do this, but it also helps you to relax.

5. exercise

When sitting 4-8 hours a day on a computer you can easily get your shoulders jammed, your back aches and your legs feel stiff. Even a 15min walk can help your body to stretch up a bit and make your blood flow!

You can also do stretching in between revision, for example 5min stretch every hour gives your brain a rest and your blood circulation the little boost it needs!

I hope this helped you! Good luck for the exams, I know you’ll ace them!

Lotta xx