Author: Denisa Dufkova

Hi everybody, my name's Denisa and I'm in my final year of Human nutrition course. I love food so I've decided to learn about its connection with health and wellbeing, but I'm always up for some travels on a budget or a good cup of coffee. Hope you enjoy my articles as much as I enjoyed writing them!
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8 cheap ways to save the environment

After the Go Green Week events happening in the SU this week, there’s no better time to start thinking about going plastic-free. Feeling inspired to live a more eco-friendly life? With our busy student schedules, it can be easy to go for convenient options that aren’t always the best for the environment. Here are my top tips on living an environmentally-friendly student life and doing your bit for the planet.

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4 DIY Christmas Gifts on a Student Budget

Christmas is not just about presents, but it can become a big burden when it comes to money. On a student budget, it can be hard to buy gifts for everyone in your life. The ultimate solution to budget gifts is the £2 challenge. Set yourself a budget of £2 per person and get making, baking and sticky-taping! Here are my 4 favourite DIY Christmas gifts, which can all be made on a £2 budget.

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Graduation: Class of 2018

Graduation – the most important event during your degree and the end of your university era. This day is to celebrate all of your academic achievements with everybody who was here for you during those stressful times. Looking back, I can say that University is a very happy but also very stressful place. However, I feel like it was definitely worth it and I have no regrets.

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Cheap Eats in Worcester

Whether or not you’re new to Worcester, finding places to eat and socialise on a student budget can sometimes be challenging. I’m a huge foodie, and I’ve simply refused to give up on eating out. I think going out for food with friends is a very important part of social life (and I won’t miss an opportunity to have something yummy!) Here are my tips on saving money at restaurants and some of my favourite cheap eats in Worcester.

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Starting Uni as an International Student

It’s been a while since I moved to the UK, but I still remember the feeling just a few days before I went. Even though I was determined to spend my three years of university in England, all the excitement was suddenly replaced with panic. I started thinking that I have absolutely no idea what I’m actually doing! Here’s my story of how I started off as an International student, along with some useful tips if you’re moving to the UK.