How to stay active during lockdown

This post was published on 28th May 2020 Any references to self-isolation, travel or meeting others was accurate at the time of writing but the guidance may have changed since. Please always refer to the latest Government advice.

So, now that we’ve finished our assessments, I’ve got a bit more time and it felt like it was time for some self improvement. Enter: improving my fitness.

Even though I’m not personally the biggest fitness person (I’m more on the couch potato side of the scale to be completely honest) I still enjoy a casual yoga or a fitness class once a week – this became fairly difficult while being on lockdown. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to keep a positive spirit and try to find ways to stays active at home because staying physically active is very important to maintaining good health, both physically and mentally. So here are some of my favourite fitness apps – let’s get to it!

Down dog – game changer for Yoga lovers 

As I’m still in a beginner in yoga, I prefer to have guided sessions – which are now possible thanks to an app called Down dog! Down dog offers yoga video training of various lengths and intensity with voice overs that explain every move. You can choose whether you would like to have a practice focused on a certain body part or have a more general Yoga session focused on the full body and can also opt for different types of yoga. I find the app very convenient as you can adjust the training to your physical abilities and the training times vary from 6 to 90 minutes. Lastly, due to the COVID situation, the developers of the app have decided to cancel the subscription fee up until July so you can now enjoy Yoga sessions for completely free!  

Just do it  

As many of you probably know, Nike has developed two apps, Nike Run Club and Nike Training. If you prefer running to a structured workout, I would recommend you to try the Nike Run Club app. Not only the app tracks the usual metrics like running pace, distance and time but Nike has also managed to create a great online community within the app which can bring a great deal of motivation and support to your every member of the ”Nike family.” I personally really like that the app allows you to add your friends and challenge them with various running challenges. For those who enjoy indoor workout, the second app called ”Nike training” seems like a perfect alternative! 

Shreddy – Home and gym guides for women!  

I came across the Shreddy app a couple of months ago while looking for a structured training plan that wouldn’t cost me a fortune. What I like about Shreddy is that you get quite a lot of advice and content for what you are paying for. The monthly subscription is £9.99 and it includes 5 guides (for home and gym) which are each 12 weeks long, real time workouts and nutrition plans. In the app you can also find a tap called ”community” where all the Shreddy members can keep each other motivated or ask questions regarding the workouts and nutrition. I find this feature very helpful as I struggle with motivation sometimes, but don’t we all at some point? 🙂   

When it comes to nutrition plans, I personally believe that every body works differently so I would recommend to seek help from a professional if you want to support your exercise with a meal plan rather than follow the app itself. However, I suppose the Shreddy meal plan can work as a healthy food inspiration!  

I’ve been following the Shreddy ”Home tone up guide” for three weeks now and I’m really satisfied with how the app works. There is lots of workout variation and you can even swop the workouts around to your preferences. Also, the fact that the app allows you to choose from home and gym guides is incredibly convenient. The home guides are obviously more convenient at the moment, however, the app allows you to change the plan as often as you like so after lockdown you can switch to gym guides if you prefer to do so. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to share your tips as well!  

Claudia xx