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12 ways to be kind on campus

Today marks Random Acts of Kindness Day which has got me thinking about ways we can all help spread positivity and complete kind acts around campus. Whether it be handing in some lost property or smiling at a stranger, we all have the capacity to be the reason someone smiles. With this in mind, I thought I would a few ways you could be kind today and make someone smile!

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An introduction to relationships at university

Happy Valentine’s Day! With the busy schedules and geographical distance, student relationships can be tricky. Fitting in time to see your partner can be a challenge when you’re juggling studying, societies and socialising. However, there is hope and it’s possible to make it work! Here’s the story of my overseas relationship and how two cultures can make it work, despite the distance.

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A guide to finding student housing

There are some parts of a university experience that are pretty much inevitable. One of those things is having to find and rent a house for second and third year. After spending a first year in halls of residence, meeting new people and forming friendships, there soon comes a time to start house hunting. Here are my  tips on finding student housing to make the process feel less daunting.