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4 ways to stay positive at university

Today marks ‘Blue Monday’ which is said to be that day in the year when we all feel a little lower than usual. As students, we have just made it through exam week and are starting a new semester. Feeling motivated for an exciting, fresh start, right? Well, this is not always the case. Here are my top tips on staying positive this Blue Monday (and any other time you’re feeling down).

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4 ways to stay happy during exams

For many students, studying is the last thing they want to think about over Christmas, understandably. The Autumn and Winter term is a long one and Christmas is only a brief break from this. After all of the celebrating over Christmas and New Year, the January blues can creep in. Here are my top tips on overcoming the January blues and staying positive after the Christmas break.

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How to Find a Balance at University

The amount of opportunities available to you at University can be totally overwhelming. Whether it’s working part time alongside your studies, being part of a society or volunteering in your spare time – it can be difficult to juggle all the elements of a busy student lifestyle. Personally, I manage to juggle my degree, four part-time jobs and society commitments whilst at University. So if I can do it, anyone can! Here are my top 5 tips on balancing your life at University.

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How to make this semester your best one yet!

I like to look at every semester like a blank canvas; a chance to really get your act together and become a better version of yourself.

Maybe you didn’t quite get the grades you wanted last semester, or you’ve set a standard for yourself that you want to maintain. Whatever the reason, the new semester is your chance to make a new habit stick, be productive and really excel.

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Expressing Mental Health

Mental health is an ever-growing issue . With increased cuts to NHS services, a millennial-epidemic has taken hold. University offers many challenges, more than cooking raw meat! And sometimes you can experience mild or temporary distress that divert daily routines…or actual panic attacks.It’s important to recognize these signs, before they become uncontrollable.